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(Müller, 1776)

Description (shell):
Shell small, conical, apex central or slightly anterior, often eroded to reveal nacreous layer below. Sculpture of fine reticulation; radial ridges may be papillate, especially towards shell margins. No internal apical septum, anterior limit of horseshoe-shaped muscle scar half-way between apex and anterior margin.

Up to 17 x 13 x 7 mm (commonly half this size).

White, opaque.

Colour whitish. Body patelliform, though lacking pallial gills and tentacles; cephalic tentacles without pigmented eyes. Foot tapering posteriorly; mantle edge simple; mouth transversely elongated.

Sublittoral on hard substrata, gravels and clay.

Circumpolar distribution, extending south at increasing depths to the Azores (Distr. L. caeca).

Lepeta caeca