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(Montagu, 1803)

Description (shell):
Shell strong, with six to seven turreted whorls. Fine spiral striae and vertical costae mostly obscured by thick periostracum, forming a series of irregular folds on last whorl. Umbilicus occasionally closed and umbilical groove reduced; aperture drawn out and angulate at base of columella (L. crassior-drawing).

Up to 14 x 10 mm.


Body as in Lacuna vincta : snout long, broad, with slender cephalic tentacles arising from base, foot elongate, with double edged anterior margin; two short metapodial tentacles project from below operculum. Metapodial tentacles white and less flattened than in L. vincta.

Uncommon. Occurs on mud/gravel at LWST and sublittorally to 90 m.

A circumboreal species, extending south into British waters (Distr. L. crassior).

Lacuna crassior