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Lemche, 1976

This species may reach a length of 19 mm, translucent white or pale yellowish green in colour. The cerata (4-8 pairs) bear 3-4 imperfectly concentric rings of elongated tubercles, each containing a small conspicuous black spot which is absent from the apical tubercle. Each rhinophore sheath is widely dilated and the lip is scalloped, bearing 1-3 black tubercles.
The best recognition feature is the presence of up to 5 transverse rows of small black-tipped epidermal papillae connecting the two longitudinal rows of flank papillae.

This species feeds upon the hydroid Sertularella gayi in shallow waters. It is also found on Abietinaria abietina .

It is found on the western coasts of the British Isles. Records exist from southern Norway, Sweden and the coast of northern Spain (Distr. D. tuberculata).

Doto tuberculata