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Müller O.F., 1776

Description (shell):
Shell large, bubble-like, fragile, glossy, up to six whorls forming a rather flat spire.

Up to 40 mm.

White to pale brown.

Body up to 60 mm, pale grey to orange, often streaked anteriorly with blotchy lines of purplish-brown, covered with white and dark spots. Head indented anteriorly, expanded laterally to form flattened tentacular lobes. Parapodial lobes enlarged, used for evasive swimming action; covering lateral and dorsal areas of shell when at rest (A. bullata-animal).

In and on soft fine mud, in sheltered bays formerly favoured by Zostera. Herbivorous. Lower shore to 370 m.

Not uncommon (Distr. A. bullata).

Akera bullata