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Salvini-Plawen & Haszprunar, 1987

The following subtaxa of this order occur in the region:

Family Fissurellidae
Genus Diodora
Diodora graeca
Genus Emarginula
Emarginula crassa
Emarginula fissura
Emarginula rosea
Genus Puncturella
Puncturella noachina
Superfamily Scissurelloidea
Family Haliotidae
Genus Haliotis
Haliotis tuberculata
Family Scissurellidae
Genus Anatoma
Anatoma crispata
Family Skeneidae
Genus Dikoleps
Dikoleps pusilla
Genus Skenea
Skenea serpuloides
Genus Theodoxus
Theodoxus fluviatilis
Family Tricoliidae
Genus Tricolia
Tricolia picta
Family Trochidae
Genus Calliostoma
Calliostoma occidentale
Calliostoma zizyphinum
Genus Clelandella
Clelandella miliaris
Genus Gibbula
Gibbula cineraria
Gibbula magus
Gibbula pennanti
Gibbula tumida
Gibbula umbilicalis
Genus Jujubinus
Jujubinus exasperatus
Jujubinus montagui
Jujubinus striatus
Genus Margarites
Margarites groenlandicus
Margarites helicinus
Genus Osilinus
Osilinus lineatus
Family Neritidae
Genus Theodoxus
Theodoxus fluviatilis

Order Vetigastropoda