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Bronn, 1862

The Scaphopods or 'tusk-shells' form a small but distinctive class of molluscs with a fossil record extending back to the early Devonian. Although better known than either the Caudofoveata or the Solenogastres, they have received comparatively little attention.
The Scaphopoda appear to occupy a position intermediate between the Gastropoda and the Lamellibranchiata: the presence of a univalve shell, a buccal mass with a radula and the nature of the nervous system are characteristic of the gastropods while the digging foot, lack of cephalisation, fused mantle which is open at both ends and bilateral symmetry are typical of bivalves.

Source: Jones and Baxter, 1987.

The following subtaxa of this class occur in the region:

Family Siphonodentaliidae
Genus Cadulus
Cadulus subfusiformis
Family Dentaliidae
Genus Dentalium
Dentalium entalis
Dentalium vulgare

Class Scaphopoda