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Gray J.E., 1840

Small animals, with spiral conical shell, into which entire body may be withdrawn, closed by an operculum. Protoconch sinistral, rest of shell dextrally coiled. A portion of the foot, mentum, projects anteriorly between head and propodium, slightly indented in midline. Tentacles with a concave surface. Eyes located between tentacles. Pyramidellids are most often found in association with molluscs and tubiculous polychaetes. As many as 40 species occur around the British Isles but most are rare, or only infrequently recorded.

Source: Hayward et al., 1990.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Chrysallida
Chrysallida indistincta
Chrysallida interstincta
Chrysallida nivosa
Chrysallida pellucida
Chrysallida sarsi
Genus Eulimella
Eulimella acicula
Eulimella scillae
Eulimella ventricosa
Genus Noemiamea
Noemiamea dolioliformis
Genus Odostomia
Odostomia acuta
Odostomia carrozzai
Odostomia conoidea
Odostomia conspicua
Odostomia eulimoides
Odostomia lukisii
Odostomia plicata
Odostomia scalaris
Odostomia turrita
Odostomia unidentata
Genus Ondina
Ondina diaphana
Ondina divisa
Genus Turbonilla
Turbonilla crenata
Turbonilla jeffreysii
Turbonilla lactea
Turbonilla rufescens

Family Pyramidellidae