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Dall, 1889

Most often burrowing species without a hinge plate or teeth.

Source: Poppe and Goto, 1993

The following subtaxa of this subclass occur in the region:

Order Pholadomyoida
Family Cuspidariidae
Genus Cuspidaria
Cuspidaria cuspidata
Cuspidaria obesa
Cuspidaria rostrata
Family Lyonsiidae
Genus Lyonsia
Lyonsia norwegica
Family Pandoridae
Genus Pandora
Pandora albida
Pandora pinna
Family Periplomatidae
Genus Cardiomya
Cardiomya costellata
Genus Cochlodesma
Cochlodesma praetenue
Family Thraciidae
Genus Thracia
Thracia convexa
Thracia distorta
Thracia papyracea
Thracia villosiuscula

Subclass Anomalodesmata