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Thiele, 1929

The following subtaxa of this order occur in the region:

Family Buccinidae
Genus Beringius
Beringius turtoni
Genus Buccinum
Buccinum humphreysianum
Buccinum hydrophanum
Buccinum undatum
Genus Colus
Colus islandicus
Colus jeffreysianus
Colus gracilis
Genus Liomesus
Liomesus ovum
Genus Neptunea
Neptunea antiqua
Neptunea contraria
Genus Troschelia
Troschelia berniciensis
Genus Volutopsius
Volutopsius norwegicus
Family Muricidae
Genus Nucella
Nucella lapillus
Genus Ocenebra
Ocenebra erinacea
Genus Trophon
Trophon barvicensis
Trophon clathratus
Trophon muricatus
Trophon truncatus
Genus Urosalpinx
Urosalpinx cinerea
Family Nassariidae
Genus Nassarius
Nassarius incrassatus
Nassarius nitidus
Nassarius pygmaeus
Nassarius reticulatus
Family Turridae
Genus Bela
Bela brachystoma
Bela nebula
Genus Comarmondia
Comarmondia gracilis
Genus Mangelia
Mangelia attenuata
Mangelia coarctata
Mangelia smithii
Genus Oenopota
Oenopota rufa
Oenopota trevelliana
Oenopota turricula
Genus Raphitoma
Raphitoma leufroyi
Raphitoma linearis
Raphitoma purpurea
Genus Teretia
Teretia teres
Genus Typhlomangelia
Typhlomangelia nivalis

Order Neogastropoda