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Allman, 1845

Stiligerids with a ratio of foot-width to body-length in life 1 : 2-3. The rhinophores are either absent or form at the most short, ear-like antero-lateral projections. The cerata, which contain ramifying tributaries of the digestive gland, are confined to the posterior two-thirds of the body. The foot is rounded antero-laterally (propodial tentacles are lacking).
Worn radula teeth fall off, forming a jumbled mass in the ascus sac. The anus is median, postero-dorsal. A minute spine is present on the penis. The heart and pericardium are absent, circulation being accomplished by muscular pulsations of the cerata.

Source: Thompson, 1988.

The following species occurs in the region:

Alderia modesta

Genus Alderia