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Fischer P., 1885

The following subtaxa of this order occur in the region:

Family Cimidae
Genus Cima
Cima minima
Family Ebalidae
Genus Ebala
Ebala nitidissima
Genus Graphis
Graphis albida
Family Neomeniidae
Genus Noemiamea
Noemiamea dolioliformis
Family Omalogyridae
Genus Ammonicera
Ammonicera rota
Genus Omalogyra
Omalogyra atomus
Family Pyramidellidae
Genus Chrysallida
Chrysallida indistincta
Chrysallida interstincta
Chrysallida nivosa
Chrysallida pellucida
Chrysallida sarsi
Genus Eulimella
Eulimella acicula
Eulimella scillae
Eulimella ventricosa
Genus Odostomia
Odostomia acuta
Odostomia carrozzai
Odostomia conoidea
Odostomia conspicua
Odostomia eulimoides
Odostomia lukisii
Odostomia plicata
Odostomia scalaris
Odostomia turrita
Odostomia unidentata
Genus Ondina
Ondina diaphana
Ondina divisa
Genus Turbonilla
Turbonilla crenata
Turbonilla jeffreysii
Turbonilla lactea
Turbonilla rufescens
Family Rissoellidae
Genus Rissoella
Rissoella diaphana
Rissoella globularis
Rissoella opalina

Order Heterostropha