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Bergenhayn, 1955

Body ovate to elongate, largest specimens up to 60 mm long. Valves well developed and surface sculpturing varying from almost smooth to highly granular. The head valve bears an insertion plate which lacks notches, the intermediate valves lack insertion plates whilst the tail valve may or may not have an insertion plate. The articulamentum produces well developed, robust sutural laminae on valves 2-8. The girdle is narrow and is covered by spicules and granules sometimes interspersed with longer spines. The girdle edge has a fringe of densely packed spines. Members of this family are all merobranchial. The family contains two genera, only one of which is represented in the North Sea.

Source: Jones and Baxter, 1987.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Hanleya
Hanleya hanleyi

Family Hanleyidae