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Simroth, 1893

Mantle integument consisting of a moderate cuticle bearing two or more different types of solid calcareous scales. True stalked epidermal papillae are absent. Small animals up to about 20 mm long whose bodies may be uniformly cylindrical but are often tapering posteriorly. The radula has a median monoserial row of plates with a pair of arcuate, long, pointed denticles which are basally united; the radula is absent in a few forms. The mantle cavity lacks secondary respiratory folds and the dorsoterminal sensory organ may or may not be present. Hermaphrodite, but often lack copulatory armature and an unpaired secondary sexual orifice is present.

Source: Jones and Baxter, 1987.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Nematomenia
Nematomenia banyulensis

Family Dondersiidae