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Gray J.E., 1834

Shell medium to large and with a weak to pronounced curvature. The maximum diameter is at the anterior aperture. Sculpturing consists of 4-20 rather smooth, slightly sculptured ribs, with or without secondary ribs bearing striations or transverse lines. The apex is simple with a superficial notch on the concave side or with a deep fissure on the concave as well as the convex side. The shell is oval, circular or subpolygonal in section. The central radula-tooth has an entire cutting edge and is smooth and rather arched. The lateral tooth is strong and the marginal teeth are curved.

Source: Jones and Baxter, 1987.

The following subtaxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Dentalium
Dentalium entalis
Dentalium vulgare

Family Dentaliidae