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Thumbnail images of the species
Scientific species names
Scientific names of taxa above specis level
Taxonomic tree for this species group
Allogenus kerguelenensisBdelloura candidaBdelloura propinquaBdelloura wheeleri
Allogenus kerguelenens...Bdelloura candidaBdelloura propinquaBdelloura wheeleri
Centrovarioplana tenuisCerbussowia cerrutiCercyra hastataCercyra teissieri
Centrovarioplana tenui...Cerbussowia cerrutiCercyra hastataCercyra teissieri
Dinizia divaeDinizia (?) sanctaehelenaeEctoplana limuliEctoplana undata
Dinizia divaeDinizia (?) sanctaehel...Ectoplana limuliEctoplana undata
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