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Family Mustelidae - Otters (2 marine species in 2 genera)

The mustelids are the otters, weasels, and their kin. Other mustelids include the minks, polecats, martens, wolverines, skunks, and badgers. Only 2 of the 67 species in this family are truly marine, the sea otter and the marine otter. It is clear that “fresh-water” otters in certain areas enter marine waters; however, we restrict our treatment to species usually considered among marine mammals. Otters are often classified in their own subfamily, the Lutrinae (containing 12 species).


Genus Enhydra containing 1 marine species:

Enhydra lutris (Sea otter)

Genus Lutra containing 1 marine species:

Lutra felina (Marine otter)

Otters (Family Mustelidae)