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Family Monodontidae - Narwhal and White Whale (2 species in 2 genera)

This is a family of small whales (less than 6 m in length), with stocky bodies, blunt bulbous heads, broad rounded flippers, and no dorsal fins. Both species are inhabitants of arctic and subarctic areas of the Northern Hemisphere. The skull is unique in that, in profile, it is very flat, with little or no rise in the area of the nares. Unlike the situation in most cetaceans, the cervical vertebrae are generally not fused, allowing monodontids a great range of neck flexibility.


Genus Delphinapterus containing 1 species:
Delphinapterus leucas (White whale)

Genus Monodon containing 1 species:
Monodon monoceros (Narwhal)

Narwhal and White Whale (Family Monodontidae)