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Grube, 1851

Body with numerous segments. The anterior region is inflated with most segments having both notopodium and neuropodium. Notopodia with bundles of simple bristles and neuropodia with uncini set in a row or rows down swollen ridges (tori). Usually a series of glandular cushions along the anterior ventral surface present. The posterior region is more slender, neuropodia being often presented only by tori. All chaetae absent in Hauchiella.
Prostomium small, fused to first segment, without antennae.
Peristomium fused to first segment and projecting underneath prostomium as an upper lip. Palps non-eversible, numerous short buccal tentacles.
Usually one to three pairs of gills present dorsally on anterior segments (may be absent). Their form resembles a much-branched bush.
Tentacular, dorsal and ventral cirri absent. Pygidium without cirri (Bodyplan Terebellidae).
These worms are common on the lower shore and in the shallow sublittoral, occupying a mucus-lined gallery of fragile tube loosely encrusted with detritus under a stone or in a large algal holdfast, or occasionally a more permanent tube of cemented sand-grains and shell-fragments; usually only their tentacles can be seen (Terebellidae).

After: Fauchald and Rouse, 1997 and Hayward and Ryland, 1990.

For identification to species level, jump to the Picture key: Page 340: Terebellidae

The following taxa of this family occur in the region:

Genus Amaeana
Genus Amphitrite
Genus Amphitritides
Genus Artacama
Subfamily Artacaminae
Genus Axionice
Genus Eupolymnia
Genus Hauchiella
Genus Lanassa
Genus Lanice
Genus Lysilla
Genus Neoamphitrite
Genus Nicolea
Genus Paramphitrite
Genus Pista
Genus Pistella
Subfamily Polycirrinae
Genus Polycirrus
Genus Proclea
Genus Streblosoma
Subfamily Terebellinae
Subfamily Thelepodinae
Genus Thelepus
Amaeana trilobata
Amphitrite cirrata
Amphitritides gracilis
Artacama proboscidea
Axionice maculata
Eupolymnia nebulosa
Eupolymnia nesidensis
Hauchiella tribullata
Lanassa venusta
Lanice conchilega
Lysilla loveni
Neoamphitrite affinis
Neoamphitrite figulus
Neoamphitrite grayi
Neoamphitrite groenlandica
Nicolea venustula
Nicolea zostericola
Paramphitrite tetrabranchia
Pista cristata
Pistella lornensis
Polycirrus arcticus
Polycirrus aurantiacus
Polycirrus caliendrum
Polycirrus latidens
Polycirrus medusa
Polycirrus norvegicus
Polycirrus plumosus
Proclea graffii
Streblosoma bairdi
Streblosoma intestinale
Thelepus cincinnatus

Terebellids (Family Terebellidae)