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Johnston, 1840

Body of characteristic shape; anterior part with 12-16 triannulate segments, posterior part often retracted, with 7-11 biannulate segments.
Neuropodia 9 and 10 with prechaetal lobes. Chaetiger 10 with 5-7 big papillae dorsal to the parapodia.
Posterior part of body with 14 pairs of gills composed of three filaments and a ventral groove, both starting at chaetiger 12. Gills absent in the last six chaetigers.
Pygidium short, with 3-8 short, rounded papillae.

Up to 9 mm for 32 segments.

Pink to flesh-coloured.

On sand, upper sublittoral.

Arctic, North Pacific, North Atlantic, North Sea to Baltic.

Travisia forbesii