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Banse, 1971

Prostomium semicircular with four eyes in a trapezoid arrangement and two ocelli. Palps large, broad, leaf-like. Lateral antennae longer than prostomium. Median antenna twice as long as the lateral ones.
Dorsal tentacular cirri a little shorter than median antenna. Ventral tentacular cirri as long as lateral antennae.
Annulation on antennae, tentacular cirri and first 2 parapodia of dorsal cirri more or less distinct. Following parapodia with dorsal cirri with 12 or more rings.
Ventral cirri mostly a little longer than parapodial lobes.
Blades of compound chaetae of different size short, bidentate. An additional upper simple chaeta, often supported with a hood, is present on all parapodia (S. benedicti-detail).
Pharynx short.

Body up to 6.5 mm long for 70 segments.


East coast of USA, Skagerrak, probably more common.

Syllides benedicti