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Webster, 1879

Prostomium bluntly conical, with two or four eyes, without antenna. Two long palps present.
First segment with a ventral ‘lip’ and two dorsal, cylindrical gills, quite similar to the palps. Second chaetiger with a dorsal collar between the notopodia.
7th or 9th and following neuropodia with capillary chaetae, 4-10 hooded hooks with 4 distal teeth and a bigger subdistal tooth, and a spine. Notopodial chaetae capillaries (S. benedicti-parapodium).
Pygidium weakly bilobed.

Up to 10 mm for 50 segments.

White or reddish.

Brackish waters.

Brackish waters around the North Pacific, North Atlantic to Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Sea and Baltic Sea.

Streblospio benedicti