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Sars, 1872

Tentacles not numerous, short, thick. Upper lip rounded. No eyespots. Segment 2 with 3-5 gills on each side, segment 3 with 2-3, and segment 5 with 0-3. Anterior segments with distinct ventral shields. Notopodial chaetae smooth, on long notopodia starting at segment 2 and in 20-30 segments, hence no exact number of thoracic segments. Uncinigerous tori from segment 5, low and short.

Worm up to 40 mm long.

A thin layer of secretion encrusted with sand, cylindrical, usually irregularly bent, sometimes approaching helical form.

In alcohol whitish.

Mainly on mixed bottoms of mud with sand; 50 to about 500 m.

Southeast Greenland. The Faeroes, Norwegian coast from Oslofjord to Vesteralen, Swedish west coast, Skagerrak.

Streblosoma intestinale