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Hartmann-Schröder, 1974

Prostomium broadly rounded, without eyes. Two ovoid antennae; palps absent. Peristomium and apodous segment of same length as following chaetigers. Segments with cilia at least laterally.
Parapodium conical, with two aciculae. Dorsal and ventral cirri absent (O. gerlachi-parapodium). Chaetae of two kinds: 1) One simple, distally blunt chaeta with a few coarse teeth at the base and small teeth subdistally; 2) 3-4 compound chaetae with unidentate toothed blades of unequal length (O. gerlachi-chaetae).
Pygidium unknown.
Mandibles X-shaped, poorly known. Maxillae unknown.

Incomplete specimen with eight chaetigers; length 0.7 mm.


Found on coarse sand with gravel at 52 m.

Only one specimen known, from the North Sea (56° N).

Ophryotrocha gerlachi