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Støp-Bowitz, 1945

Body long, cylindrical, with fine secondary annulations.
Prostomium bluntly conical with a small median process at its tip and 2 large nuchal organs. Eyes absent.
Parapodia with short prechaetal lamellae and small ventral cirri, those of the anterior 2-3 parapodia very long. Notopodial chaetae longer than the neuropodial ones.
Gills cirriform, along the whole length of the body, except for the first chaetiger and the 4 last ones. Gills on the posterior segments very long and meet on the dorsal mid-line.
Pygidial tube funnel-shaped, about as long as wide, with 25 rings and the margins fringed with papillae. There often is a long pygidial cirrus coming out of the funnel.

Up to 50 mm for 61 chaetigers.

In alcohol, yellowish or brownish violet.

In mud or muddy sand, between 30 and 550 m.

Northeast Atlantic; Norwegian and Swedish coasts.

Ophelina norvegica