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Støp-Bowitz, 1958

Body small, slender, cylindrical, tapering at both ends, with faint annulations and with a continuous ventral groove.
Prostomium conical, about as long as wide, with a small median process at the tip, 3 small eyes and 2 large nuchal organs dorsolatterally.
Parapodia with small prechaetal lobes. Chaetae relatively long, smooth capillaries.
Gills cirriform, starting at chaetiger 2, absent in the last 4-5 chaetigers.
Pygidial tube cylindrical, about as long as broad, with 6-8 small papillae. Pygidial cirri absent.

Up to 5 mm for 24 segments.


Down to 500 m.

Northeast Atlantic, Skagerrak.

Ophelina modesta