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Hartmann-Schröder, 1974

Body spindle-shaped, with a continuous ventral groove; like Ophelina cylindricaudata, but shorter, with 24 chaetigers and telescoped posterior segments.
Prostomium conical, twice as long as than wide.
Parapodia with small prechaetal lobes. Gills big from chaetiger 2 to 6-8, then abruptly smaller until chaetiger 18, on chaetiger 19 big again and becoming bigger until chaetiger 22, absent in the last 4 chaetigers.
Pygidial tube cylindrical, relatively long, about 3 times as long as broad; caudally not widened, with 4 short papillae.

Up to 6.5 mm for 27 segments.

Flesh-coloured to colourless.


Norway, Skagerrak.

Ophelina minima