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Johnson, 1901

Long, cylindrical body.
Prostomium broadly rounded anteriorly, with many ocelli. Dorsally between the prostomium and peristomium is a small groove. Nuchal slits short bent to semicircular.
22-23 chaetigers. Anterior 7 chaetigers with glandular bands anterior to the parapodia; in mid-body, glandular areas around parapodia. Posterior chaetigers again with glandular bands.
Notopodial chaetae are all capillaries.
Anterior 3 neuropodia with spines, other neuropodia bear hooks. Last posterior segment without chaetae (N. personata-detail).
Pygidium funnel-shaped equally circular, with 16-26 short filamentous to triangular cirri.

Up to 20-110 mm for 22-23 chaetigers.

Occasionally fitted to the underside of stones.

Anterior part more or less intensely brown or reddish stained or with one or more reddish cross-bands dorsally.

From lower eulittoral down to 300 m deep.

Arctic, North Pacific, North Atlantic up to English Channel, probably whole North Sea.

Nicomache personata