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Remane, 1925

Prostomium with two elongate antennae (length 110-125 µm); two club-shaped palps, arising lateroventrally, about 80 µm long or considerably shorter. Two dorsolateral nuchal organs behind the palps. Eight chaetigerous segments. Parapodia all with club-shaped cirri (maximum length 80 µm), except for those of the buccal segment and segment 8; each parapodium with a dorsal and ventral bundle of 5-7 capillary chaetae. Dorsolateral rows of ciliary tufts at level of parapodia. Four buccal pieces (25-32 µm long). Pygidial cirri (150-200 µm long), distally slightly swollen.

Length 400-500 µm.

Coarse and shelly sublittoral sediments.

North Sea (Helgoland), English Channel, Irish Sea, Skagerrak.

Nerillidium troglochaetoides