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(Storm, 1888)

Prostomium of this scale-worm wider than long, bilobed, with a peak on each lobe. Median antenna with large bulbous ceratophore extending beyond the peaks, covered with distinct papillae. Palps smooth. Two pairs of eyes, the anterior pair lateral, slightly anterior to greatest width of the prostomium, the posterior pair in front of the rear margin. Tentacular cirri similar to median antenna.
First segment with aciculae and 1-4 chaetae.
The first pair of scales are round, the remainder kidney-shaped, not covering the posteriormost segments. The lateral margins fringed with short papillae, the surfaces covered with conical microtubercles.
Notopodial chaetae stout with rows of spines with relatively straight tips. Neuropodial chaetae with several rows of spines and entire tips, distally curved (N. paradoxa-detail).

Up to 80 mm for 58 segments.

Pale yellow or reddish.

Between 70 and 1000 m.

Atlantic, Norwegian Coast, Skagerrak.

Neopolynoe paradoxa