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(Malmgren, 1866)

Tentacles numerous, long.
Gills dichotomous with moderately long tips and short round stems; anterior gills longer than the posterior ones.
Distinct lateral lobes on segments 2 and 3.
Fourteen ventral shields on the thorax. Nineteen chaetigerous thoracic segments. Notopodial chaetae subdistally finely denticulate. Uncini in double rows on segments 11-22 (N. groenlandica-detail).
Posterior edge of the pygidium undulate.

Up to 190 mm for 100 segments.

A thin layer of secretion encrusted with a very thick layer of mud.

In life rust-red. In alcohol pale yellow.

On sand, mud or mixed bottoms; 50-800 m.

West and South Greenland, Labrador, North American Atlantic, western Ireland, Novaya Zemlya, Canadian and Alaskan Arctic, Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Japan Sea. Iceland, the Faeroes, Northeast Svalbard, Norwegian coast from Trondelag to the Russian border, northern and southwestern North Sea.

Neoamphitrite groenlandica