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(Malmgren, 1866)

Body long and thick.
Tentacles numerous, long.
Gills distinctly dichotomous with long tips and round stems.
Distinct lateral lobes on segments 2 and 3.
Thirteen ventral shields on the thorax.
Twenty-one thoracic segments with subdistally denticulate capillary chaetae on the notopodia. Uncini in double rows on segments 11-24.
Pygidium unknown.

Up to 250 mm for 140 segments.

A thin layer of secretion encrusted with a thick layer of clay.

In alcohol yellowish.

On mud and clay, sometimes mixed with fine sand; 20 to nearly 500 m.

Arctic, Japan Sea. Norwegian coast from Tromsø to Oslofjord, Skagerrak, Swedish west coast.

Neoamphitrite grayi