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Augener, 1913

Prostomium anteriorly rounded with the anterior corners sometimes flared, forming short frontal horns, with or without four eyes, without antenna. Caruncle double, reaching chaetiger 2.
Notopodial postchaetal lobes in anterior segments long, cirriform, basally fused to the gills, becoming shorter posteriorly.
Neuropodial postchaetal lobes in anterior segments cirriform, becoming shorter posteriorly.
All parapodia with winged capillary chaetae. Neuropodial hooks start at chaetiger 13-42, the notopodial at chaetiger 15-55.
Gills start at chaetiger 1, up to 91 pairs, gradually disappearing in mid-body segments (M. wireni-parapodium).
Pygidium with many filamentous cirri.

Up to 92 mm for 230 segments.


On mud or sand, also in fresh water.

Arctic, Sylt.

Marenzelleria wireni