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Kirkegaard, 1977

Body oblong with up to 130 segments.
Prostomium broadly rounded, without eyes; with two small finger-shaped antennae.
Gills finger-shaped, becoming larger and club-shaped posteriorly, situated on the dorsal surface. Gills begin on chaetiger 3 and, together with the dorsal cirri, completely cover the dorsum.
Dorsal cirri short, club-shaped. Supra-acicular chaetae: 1-3 long capillary chaetae with blunt ends. Subacicular chaetae: 6-9 simple hooks with distal serrations and 1-5 thin capillary chaetae. A pair of short, conical pygidial cirri.
Mandibles H-shaped, fused medially at the anterior part, enlarged distally. Maxillary carriers fused to each other and to the hooked maxillae I; maxillae II: 2 teeth; maxillae III unidentate (I. hartmanae-detail).

Up to 25 mm for 130 segments.


On the crabs Hyas coarctatus , Hyas araneus and Lithodes maja .

Oslo Fjord, Norway.

Iphitime hartmanae