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(Grube, 1860)

Prostomium with three lobes, two glandular ridges and two small eyespots. Gills in two groups separated at the middorsum by a distance of about two gill bases; the four gills of each group with their bases fused.
Segment 3 with 20-35 long, weakly bent chaetae. Sixteen thoracic segments with notopodia with capillary chaetae, the posterior 13 also with neuropodia with uncini.
Abdomen with 15-30 uncinigerous segments, some with rudimentary notopodia with small dorsal cirri. Thoracic uncini with one row of 5-6 teeth, abdominal uncini with two rows of 4-6 teeth.
Pygidium with 3-6 small papillae.

Up to 33 mm for 43 chaetigers.

Cylindrical, with sand and detritus; over 60 mm long and 3 mm wide.

Living animal green.

Fresh and brackish water.

Black Sea, Caspian Sea, rivers Wolga, Dnjepr, Bug, Djnestr, Donau and Rhine.

Hypania invalida