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Wirén, 1885

Body long and thin.
Prostomium rounded anteriorly, longer than wide, flattened; no eyes. Peristomium and apodous segments of the same length as the following chaetigers.
Parapodium with short, broadly rounded prechaetal lobe; postchaetal lobe longer, finger-shaped. One acicula and 2-5 non-projecting winged chaetae.
Mandibles consist of two triangular pieces. Maxillary carriers long, thin, fused, without an unpaired median piece. One pair of maxillae only: thin, slightly curved forceps with short, curved base (H. terebellidis-detail).

Up to 25 mm for 200 segments.

Without colour or whitish, transparent.

Endoparasitic in the body cavity and in the peri-intestinal blood sinus of Terebellides stroemi or Ampharete falcata .

Gullmarfjord, West Britain.

Haematocleptes terebellidis