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Friedrich, 1940

Body small and cylindrical, gradually tapering towards the posterior end.
Thorax with 8, abdomen with 3 chaetigers.
Three pairs of radioli with usually 3-4 pairs of side-branches. Ventrally with two long tentacular filaments. Collar dorsally low and with an incision, ventrally high, semicircular (F. baltica-anterior end ). Peristomium with two eyes.
The first chaetiger with 3-4 long and 2 short capillary chaetae on notopodia. The next chaetigers bear additionally 2 short spatulate chaetae with long tips. Thoracic hooks with a narrow lamella.
Abdominal capillary chaetae are very long with narrow wings. Abdominal hooks with a narrow shaft and with 4-5 longitudinal rows of 6-7 small teeth; 12-15 hooks on each notopodia (F. baltica-chaetae ).
Pygidium oval, with two eyes.

Up to 2.5 mm.

Very loosely build of sand.

White to grey, anterior segments with brown pigmentation.

On sand, up to 18 m deep.

Öresund, Bay of Kiel and Nord-Ostsee-Kanal.

Fabriciola baltica