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Ehlers, 1864

Body is thick and covered with tiny papillae, dorsally with two median and two lateral in one row. Prostomium semicircular with four eyes, in a trapezoid arrangement, 2 ocelli present ventrally. Palps only visible ventrally, fused together, spherical. Antennae equal in size, spherical. Lateral antennae flask-shaped, shorter than prostomium. Dorsal tentacular cirri visible dorsally only, ventral tentacular cirri visible only from the ventral side. Dorsal cirri spherical. Ventral cirri fused with parapodial lobes. Aciculae with a terminal button and a tiny tip. Middle and posterior parapodia with one, more or less, S-shaped upper and lower unidentate simple chaetae. Pharynx with weak papillae and anterior tooth.

Body up to 5 mm long for 65 segments.

Whitish pink.

North Atlantic up to Mediterranean. English Channel, Kattegat, probably also North Sea and Skagerrak.

Eurysyllis tuberculata