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(Claparède, 1863)

Prostomium oval, longer than wide, with an encircling rim, higher anteriorly, laterally and posteriorly weakly incised. Nuchal slits, parallel, extending posteriorly to the beginning of the lateral incision. With many ocelli.
19 chaetigers. Anterior 3 segments with strongly reduced ventral hooks. Posterior 3 segments without chaetae (E. oerstedi-chaetae); (E. oerstedi-uncini).
Pygidium funnel-shaped, with 7-10 long cirri and 1-4 shorter cirri and 1 long ventral cirrus in between.

Up to 100 mm for 19 chaetigers.

Cylindrical, covered with fine sand.

Pink with a brownish-flesh colour.

Japan, eastern North Atlantic to Mediterranean, Adriatic and Black Sea to English Channel, Western North Sea.

Euclymene oerstedi