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(M. Sars, 1861)

Body short and thick. Thorax with 8, abdomen with 24 chaetigers.
10-16 pairs of radioli, webbed for the half of their length. 5-8 tentacular filaments and two small palps. Dorsal surface of the abdomen with glandular areas visible as narrow transverse bands.
Collar a little higher ventrally, with a small ventral incision. Eyes absent.
The first chaetiger with capillary chaetae on notopodia. All thoracic notochaetae are winged capillaries; spatulate chaetae absent. Ventral hooks with long shafts.
Abdominal neuropodial chaetae are winged capillary chaetae. They are not geniculate. Notopodial uncini with 2-5 small teeth over the large terminal tooth.
11-12 posterior segments form a deep faecal funnel on the ventral side, with a membranous anterior margin.

Up to 25 mm.


Body pale pink, thoracic segments with red rings. Crown dark red, with yellow bands or white dots.

On soft substrata, sublittoral.

Arctic, North Atlantic to Mediterranean, English Channel, northern North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and Öresund.

Euchone rubrocincta