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Eliason, 1962

Anterior body slightly flattened. Prostomium conical, without eyes. Anterior three achaetous segments probably dorsally fused. One pair of palps on the first chaetiger.
Filamentous gills, starting at 2nd chaetiger.
Chaetae capillary, very finely serrated. Normally from 3rd neuropodium and 6-9th notopodium, 1-3 rarely up to 6-8 smooth, distally bidentate hooks, of which one very small tooth is often hard to recognize (C. serrata-detail).

Up to 4-5 mm for 40-44 segments.

Grey-yellow, with dark-brown pigmented spots dorsally on anterior head segment and on posterior edge of last achaetous segment.

In mud; 295 m depth.


Caulleriella serrata