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Gillandt, 1979

Prostomium bluntly conical, with two black eyes. Second achaetous segment longest and with a dorsal lobe slightly covering the third segment. One pair of palps starting on the first chaetiger.
Filamentous gills start at the first chaetiger just behind the palps, posteriorly becoming smaller and fewer.
Anterior parapodia only with capillary chaetae. Additional bidentate chaetae present from third neuropodium and from 7-11th notopodium. In notopodia 1-3, rarely more, and in neuropodia 4-10.

Up to 3.4 mm for 36 segments.

Yellowish-green, especially the prostomium and tips of palps and gills.

Only known from Helgoland.

Caulleriella parva