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Langerhans, 1880

Body slender, cylindrical, with up to 50 chaetigers. Segments are bi-annular.
Prostomium bluntly conical, without eyes.
Thorax with 9 chaetigers.
First 3-4 segments with capillary chaetae only, segment 5 and following segments with hooded hooks only (C. minima-detail).
Genital hooks present dorsally in both sexes on segments 8-9.
Pygidium is short, rounded, without cirri.

Up to 20 mm for 50 segments.

Anteriorly, pale pink; posteriorly, reddish-yellow.

Lives in mud, sand and muddy gravel. Upper sublittoral down to 50 m deep.

Eastern North Atlantic, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, North Sea.

Capitella minima