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(Montagu, 1804)

Crown with up to 200 radioli with a low web, in 1-4 spirals. Each radiole with 2-3 eye spots. Palps short, connected by the upper lip.
Collar dorsally and ventrally incised, with two ventral lappets deeply pigmented except for the border and a wide gap between dorsal margins (B. volutacornis-detail). Ventral ends of tori and adjacent ventral shields close together. Usually eight thoracic chaetigers.

Up to 150 mm for 100 chaetigers.

Membranous, colourless, terminally encrusted with mud.

Body greenish or violet; crown white, pale green or violet.

Sublittoral and in deep pools.

Eastern North Atlantic to Mediterranean, English Channel and northern North Sea.

Bispira volutacornis