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Laubier & Ramos, 1973

Prostomium with very small, papilla-like antenna and big nuchal slits.
Notopodial postchaetal lobes filamentous, in the first segment a little sorter than the chaetae, becoming longer posteriorly.
Neuropodial postchaetal lobes absent.
Chaetae capillaries and modified chaetae without hoods from neuropodium 27-54 onwards.
Up to 36 pairs of gills, starting at chaetiger 3 or 4 (A. simonae-parapodium).
Pygidium with two long and one short cirrus.

Up to 45 mm for 175 segments.

Whitish to blackish-brown.


North-eastern Atlantic to Mediterranean, northern North Sea.

Aricidea simonae