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The following taxa of this order occur in the region:

Genus Asclerocheilus
Genus Euzonus
Genus Lipobranchus
Genus Ophelia
Family Opheliidae
Subfamily Opheliinae
Genus Ophelina
Subfamily Ophelininae
Genus Polyphysia
Genus Scalibregma
Family Scalibregmatidae
Genus Travisia
Subfamily Travisiinae
Asclerocheilus intermedius
Euzonus flabelligerus
Lipobranchus jeffreysii
Ophelia limacina
Ophelia rathkei
Ophelina abranchiata
Ophelina acuminata
Ophelina cylindricaudata
Ophelina minima
Ophelina modesta
Ophelina norvegica
Polyphysia crassa
Scalibregma inflatum
Travisia forbesii

Order Opheliida