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(Southern, 1914)

Body thin, cylindrical, flattened anteriorly and pointed posteriorly.
Prostomium more or less pointed conical; no eyes.
Anterior three achaetous segments dorsally fused. One pair of long thick palps on the last achaetous segment. Filamentous gills, starting at the last achaetous segment, just behind the palps.
Bent capillary chaetae; some longer and some shorter. On neuropodia from segment 40-56 and on notopodia from segment 61 to posterior end some additional distally blunt and bidentate chaetae (T. killariensis-detail).

Up to 11 mm.

Transparent with the exception of a brown pigmented cross-band ventrally on last achaetous segment or also dorsally on first chaetiger.

Found at depths between 10 and 488 m deep.

North-Atlantic up to Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat.

Tharyx killariensis