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Webster & Benedict, 1884

Prostomium rounded with four eyes in a trapezoid arrangement and two ocelli. Palps dorsally not visible.
Dorsal cirri distally more or less distinctly annulate. Ventral cirri much longer than parapodial lobes. Aciculae with a terminal button; those of parapodia 2-5 twice as thick as the others. Blades of compound chaetae long and short, distally blunt, with a hoodlike membrane. Compound chaetae of posterior parapodia not clearly bidentate and without membrane. A simple upper chaeta is present, distally blunt and equipped with a supporting hood. Pharynx without anterior tooth.

Body up to 8 mm long for 55 segments.

Transparent, brownish-yellow.

East coast of the USA, southern North Sea.

This species is not sufficiently known and it is suspected that specimens from the southern North Sea actually are Streptosyllis websteri .

Streptosyllis arenae