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(Eliason, 1962)

Body small and short; arched dorsally, flat ventrally. Dorsal side with tubercles, ventral side smooth.
Prostomium indistinct, two antennae; no eyes.
First segment with two big and two small tubercles.
Following segments dorsally with two transversal rows of 4-5 big tubercles.
Parapodia short, with one terminal papilla, a papilla dorsally at the base and a ventral cirrus and chaetae with smooth falciger blades (S. disticha-detail). Between anterior parapodia a small papilla.

Up to 2.2 mm long for 15 segments.

In alcohol whitish.

At 460 m depth, in grey mud.

Known only from the Skagerrak.

Sphaerodoropsis disticha