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Petersen & George, 1991

Prostomium rounded anteriorly, with oval nuchal organs dorsolaterally. Eyes absent.
Peristomium and some of the anterior segments ciliated ventrally. Prostomium, peristomium and 1st chaetiger slightly swollen; rest of the segments are round or elanfated, clearly separated from each other.
Notopodial chaetae finely toothed capillaries, in posterior segments also short and thick spines. Neuropodial chaetae long and short hooks, anteriorly finely toothed, behind segment 25 coarsely serrated.
Gills dorsally behind the notopodial chaetae, starting at chaetiger 7, often absent or weakly developed.
Pygidium rounded, triangular.

Up to 17 mm for over 35 chaetigers.

Whitish with yellow or peach-coloured eggs..


Clyde Sea, northern North Sea, Skagerrak.

Raricirrus beryli