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Jouin, 1970

Tentacles comparatively long, reaching segment 6 when directed backwards. Two or three pink so-called statocysts close together in the anterior part of the prostomium. No eyes. Two small nuchal organs dorsally behind the tentacles. Head region without ciliary rings, with some dorsal and many lateral tufts of sensory cilia (P. brevis-detail). Ciliation of segments in form of some dorsal and lateral tufts, ventrally dense. Salivary glands reaching segment 7.
Fertile region in males beginning at segment 12. Lateral organs in segments 10-16. Three pairs of spermioducts in segments 13-15. Nine or ten pairs of oviducts from segment 8 or 9 to 17.

Up to 3 mm for 23 segments.



Skagerrak, Mediterranean.

Protodrilus brevis